How To Calculate Petrol Allowance For Employees

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Published Date: February 5, 2023

How To Calculate Petrol Allowance For Employees

How To Calculate Petrol Allowance For Employees

Maintaining an accurate record of petrol expenditures enables both the company and its employees to make significant financial savings and petrol allowances. Since everyone is aware that petrol prices fluctuate and that taking a passive approach to them causes an unfavorable change in revenue figures.

The management could also calculate petrol allowance for its staff depending on the distance they have gone, at a fixed fuel rate per kilometer, or they can keep a log of petrol receipts and save credit or debit bills. In addition to being time-consuming and difficult, keeping manual track of all the records leads to a significant reduction in productivity.

The only effective solution to overcome this big question of “how to calculate petrol allowance for employees” is to digitalize the entire process by maintaining a track record of the employees’ petrol expenses, and kms travelled on the field. That’s where mileage tracking software shows its intelligence by providing the most effective and efficient solution in the form of real-time mileage monitoring to tackle and digitalize this process.

How To Calculate Petrol Allowance For Employees Using Mileage Tracking Software

Employees who commute for work usually provide the accounts department with reports for the miles or kilometers they have travelled. The accounts department subsequently manually checks the reports and authorizes the petrol allowances. Although the procedure is simple, several errors can occur. But thankfully, businesses now have the choice of investing funds in employee mileage tracking software, which can address all of the issues.

A mileage tracker software can save companies money on petrol costs and increase the effectiveness of their petrol allowance calculation by precisely tracking and reporting the mileage travelled by employees for each work travels. Nevertheless, it can be challenging for companies to precisely calculate how much they should really be paying their employees in petrol allowances without a trustworthy method to monitor and record miles.

This issue can be resolved with mileage tracker software that consistently records the distance travelled on each work journey. The amount that must be refunded to employees can be calculated accurately using this data, ensuring that the company is only paying the real petrol costs.

Benefits Of Mileage Tracking Software In Calculating Petrol Allowances For Employees

More Convenient

Operating a distribution business increases the probability of working several hours each day while on the road. Due to the many concerns, business owners and managers generally find it challenging to keep track of the distances their employees travel and calculate petrol allowances for them. However, when they utilize a mileage tracker, the work is completed effortlessly.

Advance Reporting

Evaluating petrol expense records is necessary to enhance the reimbursement procedure. The company’s accounting staff uses advanced reporting to help them gain a greater understanding of data on mileage expenses. With the details, businesses could figure out which team or employees don’t follow the travel guidelines, save money on petrol, recognize the most productive staff, etc.

Less Time On Calculating Petrol Allowances

However, businesses can expedite the procedure and drastically cut down the amount of time invested in expenditure reimbursements by using efficient mileage tracking software.  As a result, field employees can get their petrol claims reimbursed more promptly, and the accounting department can stop stressing about false claims.

Real-time Data Insights

Managers can see the total number of kilometers travelled by their employees and the amount of petrol used per travel in real-time. They will also be able to view a comprehensive list of the employees’ daily, monthly, and yearly travels. In this way, companies may keep track of all of the information and anything else important to note or mark for later use.

Clear Visibility And Accountability

The employees will be held responsible for the actual kilometers they travel and the places they travel during business hours due to automated mileage tracking. Businesses at threat of mileage fraud include those without automatic mileage tracking. Any confusion as to where an employee went and the number of kilometers it took to get there is eliminated by the appropriate mobile mileage tracking software.

Top 5 Best Mileage Tracking Software For Employees

How To Calculate Petrol Allowance For Employees Using Lystloc

To make the petrol allowance estimation simple and easy for our customers Lystloc have digitally automated the fuel reimbursement process as it became the most used way for businesses to handle their employee petrol allowances which was once the toughest manual process for them.

With this expense reimbursement feature, the software offers robust yet simple options to overcome obstacles in the fuel reimbursement processes for our customers and users. Regards to petrol allowance claims, petrol expenses can be automatically calculated based on the pre-set rates per km that are integrated with the reimbursement feature as a default setting.

The Lystloc software gives employees and managers the opportunity to make and authorize petrol allowance claims on the move, and its built-in system formulas mean that the number of fields that need to be manually completed is minimized, leading to quicker and more accurate processing. 

How To Calculate Petrol Allowance For Employees Using Fleetio

A sophisticated petrol allowance management solution Fleetio can speed up the time to insight, enhance efficiency, and streamline the monitoring of petrol data. Companies can manage petrol allowances as efficiently as possible and comprehend the role that petrol plays in overall operational expenses.

Calculate how much petrol expenses influence the cost of running a vehicle each kilometer. With numerous notifications relating to petrol consumption and transaction location, remain updated about dodgy petrol activities and get information. Report on petrol efficiency overall, by area, petrol type, or vehicle, using the measurement unit of one’s choice. Even the IFTA periodic fuel tax reporting can be handled with Fleetio. To improve utilization and financial planning, go deeper into the petrol cost information for your employees.

How To Calculate Petrol Allowance For Employees Using Timeero

One of the finest mileage-tracking apps for teams and organizations in the field is Timeero. Users note that this app’s uninterrupted ease of usage and user-friendliness, especially for people who aren’t very tech-savvy, set it apart from its peers.

Calculating petrol allowances for employees is made simple by Timeero, which is crucial for many firms, notably those who depend on field teams. Additionally, Timeero connects with the most widely used accounting and HR systems, so it can easily feed the time and mileage inputs into a third-party payroll system if searching for a solution to streamline petrol reimbursement. The staff will have less work to do, especially those tedious, time-consuming activities.

How To Calculate Petrol Allowance For Employees Using Everlance

Even though it is more aimed at people who are self-employed, Everlance is still a better use of technology for tracking kilometers for calculating petrol allowances for employees. It is referred to as a user-friendly, smart software program with a straightforward interface. Its navigation elements are also made to be easily noticed and add to the overall usability.

Additionally, it gives customers a graphical depiction of their mileage. Employees can choose the default settings for their journeys. Mileage is separated into four sections: work, personal, healthcare, and unclassified. Users of Everlance can quickly scroll and classify miles traveled. Furthermore, it produces IRS-compliant records, which makes the tiresome process of tax deductions easier.

How To Calculate Petrol Allowance For Employees Using Connecteam

If your business chooses to monitor mileage through forms, checklists, and reports, you can use Connecteam to create your own as well as utilize a mileage report format. Employees can upload pictures of the odometer well before the ride and afterward when it is complete using this form.

Enter the total miles, add any additional pertinent notes, and verify the form before submitting it for petrol allowances. The company can develop electronic information resources and databases with all the information the employee needs about mileage reporting. Can set up their own documentation space with all they require, including instructional material, refueling records, distance tracker refund forms, video tutorials on how to record mileage tracking, and much more.

Summing Up

Make the calculation of the petrol reimbursement as simple as you can, for both your employee seeking the allowances and you as their reporting manager. However, with the correct mileage tracking app function, you may get a simple, systematic solution for estimating the petrol allowance, and your staff will benefit from a reporting process that is less time-consuming.

Utilizing mileage tracking software helps your company save time and money while removing the possibility of deception or reporting errors. Additionally, you can simplify the process of submitting petrol expenses for your staff. In the end, the workforce may become more productive due to the mileage tracking software, which can also help the accounts department free up time by removing tedious activities.‍

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