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Published Date: January 13, 2024

Field Tracking App for Plumbing Service

To help your plumbing technicians deliver excellent service, plumbing service software can be used as a tool to solve plumbing-related difficulties. By addressing the problems that are holding your plumbing company back, plumbing service software helps you increase income and customer happiness while keeping up with the competition. It can digitally manage plumbing work orders and save all the information required for the task.

When work orders were managed manually using papers, it was never simple. With plumbing service software, you can quickly establish a work order by entering the client’s details and assigning it to the plumbing professionals with a few clicks.

Through the mobile app, the technician will receive notifications about new tasks and other relevant job-related information. The application can track field workers’ locations in real-time on a map.

The need for plumbing service software

A plumbing company can assign more work to its professionals when they are aware of the location and estimated times of arrival of its technicians for service. These days, plumbing service software allows you to see all the jobs and field workers on a map.

Businesses may more easily coordinate with their experts and provide better client service when they know the precise location of the field worker and the path he takes to reach the work site.

Management of leaves and resource scheduling

A plumbing service software must have a view that allows the user to see every field worker and their assigned tasks on the scheduler. You can see who is assigned to what task and when by using the resource scheduler.

Additionally, the software’s leave management feature allows the back-office manager to add leave for field workers who aren’t scheduled to work that day.

Simple payment and billing procedures

A field service software must include an easy-to-use system for billing and collecting money; if the procedure is complicated, it will be difficult for field service providers to modify it.

Simplicity in creating customized reports

You can see more efficient reports about all the factors making your field business successful. You may analyze your field business, and improve it by acting based on reports generated based on various criteria, such as clients, jobs, invoices, expenses, and users.

Administration of equipment and auditing

The services and the account management work they perform for their current clients are the two primary and significant sources of revenue for every field service business. It becomes challenging to carry out routine audits of the installed equipment and its services when everything is recorded.

Businesses are unable to keep track of the equipment installed at each place and the duration of audits. You can simply manage all of your equipment with plumbing service software, and you may schedule audits at specific times, such as monthly or yearly audits.

Enables e-signature

It can be challenging for a field worker to obtain honest feedback from a client regarding the services delivered. Field workers can collect consumer signatures and feedback regarding services rendered using a mobile app.

To provide documentation of work completed, fieldworkers may find it highly beneficial to take pictures of the workspace both before and after services are provided. The mobile app makes it simple to achieve this.

Strong conversation

Any software can have a chat feature that allows users to share ideas and seek opinions from the team and the back-office manager to tackle any difficult situations. When we check back on a talk after some time to find any pertinent information for work, it becomes even more beneficial, if it is connected to the job.

Job-based chats are crucial because they provide a comprehensive overview of the conversations, including what happened and when.

Notifications to field employees

When a field worker goes into the field for work, he expects to have a list of all the duties he must complete the next day.

By just receiving a message about a new assignment, field workers can find out where to visit tomorrow, the best routes to take to get to the working site, and the schedule for the given task. 

Easily Affordable

Any plumbing industry, regardless of size, is primarily concerned about software cost because they must consider their financial situation before making any purchases. Selecting cost-effective software is crucial because this is not a one-time operation and the subscription must be renewed annually.

The software’s ability to promptly address your issues and explain newly released features that you find confusing is just as crucial as its level of support. Businesses should give customers a variety of ways to communicate with them, including SMS, emails, and live chats.

You may improve the entire operations of your plumbing business and increase revenue streams by using field service management software that has the aforementioned features.

Plumbing service software advantages for a plumbing company

  • Being transparent Within the Organization.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction, streamlined scheduling and dispatching Enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Enhance communication, give up using spreadsheets.
  • Quick access to client data.
  • Real-time development monitoring effective routing.


To move the plumbing business forward, it is critical to have a dependable system in place for managing field service, which is a critical component that crosses these priorities.

Lystloc is one of the best field employee monitoring software for plumbing technicians having the above mentioned features. Through the use of field service software, you can create a solid system that strengthens the output of your field plumbing employee and makes it possible for them to deliver first-rate customer care. You can feel at ease knowing that Lystloc has streamlined every step of the process, from plumbing estimates to invoicing. You may then concentrate more on growing your company and less on worrying about every job.

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